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Friday, November 16, 2018

"The Pit and the Pendulum" - Revisited

(apologies to Edgar Allen Poe)

The ethic of "Utopian Left Progressivisim" (beloved by the elites which are entrenched in Western Society) is the God which has failed and it's feet of clay are beginning to crack.

 In America the "me too movement" is neatly dovetailed with it's 'alter ego', the 'not me' movement.  This is a stampede of gutless people who will trip over their tails and shoe laces in their desperate panic not to be seen as reactionary or as upholders of traditional conservative values, or worse still, patriarchy.

 The late Pontius Pilate would have understood their language as they are 'innocent' of the blood of their victims or of any 'taint' of a right wing point of view.

  A 19th Century philosopher, Herbert Spence said - "The suppression of any evil is commonly followed by the temporary ascendancy of the opposite one."  from reaction to revolution and 'visa-versa' is the drumbeat of history.

  In the 19th and earlier centuries women 'did it hard', apart from a few favoured social butterflies, 'prima donnas' and grand dames with 'gongs'.

  The early feminist movement was a necessary new wave which rescued women from sweatshops, protected their property and gave them the vote and access to education.  It set them moving on the escalator which culminated in high office.

  Women Prime Ministers, High Court Judges and |Army Officers were unthinkable in the days of 'Good Queen Vic' (though ironically she was an exponent of real feminism whilst paying lip service to all of the 'old chestnuts'.

  But the pendulum of Herbert Spencer is about to swing back on it's 'axis', not back to Victorian times or More's; history never repeats itself exactly, but towards a world where 'info tech' and sexual equality morphs into the new dawn of a solid self sustaining and dynamic society where all lives are valued and deemed sacred, the family is cherished and protected as the foundation of our civic structure, children are protected from moral and educational pollution and our demographic and cultural future is assured by government policies favouring big families and parents who will nurture their children and not farm them out to faceless "Child Care".  The money gained by a second household wage is often squandered and feeds the Finance Sector, Health Panaceas and Estate Agents.

 Modern money is in an unholy alliance with 'left progressivism' as their interests are the same.

 A revolution is coming which will put a new broom through government, business, the schools, universities and media including entertainment.

 Our great grandparents would be 'gobsmacked' by the ultra 'high tech' of our grandchildren but they would by 'sympatico' with their values and beliefs as as they will be.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Chuffed Crowd Funding - Fellowship of the Round Table

 Round Table Forums hosts forums at New South Wales Parliament House.

  The forums are currently financed by voluntary donations at the door.

  We seek additional funding to meet the increasing cost of running our forums. 

  Our costs have increased and donations collected fall short of fully providing the funds we need to continue.


 Please click on the Donate Now link.  Donations accepted by credit card or debit card.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Foxes and Running Dogs

In presenting this editorial I acknowledge 2 articles as my source material.

“China’s Foxhunt on hold” by Rowan Callick in the Australian on January 26th 2017 and

“This Extradition Treaty is a bad deal for Justice” by Tom Lennox in the Australian on January 27th 2017.

   From the “Lennox” article “Extradition opens a wide door for the Chinese State to remove Australian citizens to China to face trial”, “Should we be comfortable with this?” “Extradition implies a de facto loss of Sovereignty.  An Australian citizen may be arrested and transferred to the foreign state without the need to prove in Australia the commission of any crime.  The foreign power need only claim a crime has been committed in the Jurisdiction and need not prove it.  That is left to the foreign powers own courts.”  The Extraditable person (under the Extradition Act 1988) need not be actually connected to a foreign country but need only be subject to an arrest warrant”

   This becomes highly relevant when dovetailed with details presented in the Rowan Callick article.  “It appears that Australia will hand over people to China without verifying by its own standards whether evidence presented in China is credible enough to substantiate the pending charges”. Quoting  Australian Chinese businessman Matthew Ng who served 6 years jail mainly in China.

   He said “If China extends its Judicial Reach into Australia then anyone who is deemed to be of adverse interest to China or Chinese interests could be brought back to China”. 

   On January 14th China’s Chief Justice Zhou Qiang told a meeting of the Supreme Peoples’ Court that “our Courts must firmly resist the Western idea of Judicial Independence and other ideologies including constitutional democracy and separation of powers that threaten the leadership of the ruling Communist Party”.  “Judges must step up their ideological work to punish those who infringe the reputation and kudos of historical figures.”  (Mao ??) “whose images along with current leaders must be protected in accordance with the law, the glorious history of the Party and the People’s Liberation Army”. 

  ”The Beijing regime wants Australia alleged home of many ‘foxes’ (People that it wants extradited) to become a model for extradition treaties with other Common Law Countries THAT HAVE SO FAR FAILED TO ENDORSE THEM – THE U.S.A BRITAIN, CANADA AND NEW ZEALAND”.  This also from the Callick article.

   So, the Beijing regime * wishes to groom the Australian government as a model running dog in its current programme of imperial over reach.  It is quite significant that the U.S.A, U.K. Canada and New Zealand have so far not taken the bait!

   Whereas it is accepted that a person who has committed a serious crime in one country and seeks refuge in another nation may be extradited to stand trial this relies on objectivity.  The alleged crime must also be a serious offence the country of refuge.  Zhou Qiang makes it quite clear that to oppose or defame the ideological heritage of the CCP is regarded as a criminal offence in the People\s Republic.  The proposed Australian extradition treaty, if ratified would allow the Beijing regime to remove dissidents (Australian Chinese critics of their system) from Australia and force them to stand trial in China for something which is not an offence or subject to prosecution in any part of Australia and which never has been.  This is a serious violation of our Sovereignty as a democratic nation and portrays us as informers and sycophants of the meanest and most debased kind.

Other nations have fallen into this kind of moral rat trap in different theatres of war.  A prime example was the subject of the 1977 book by Count Nickolai Tolstoy “Victims of Yalta.”  At the Yalta Summit in 1945 (Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin) Stalin made if one of his Conditions that all former residents of the U.S.S.R who had found refuge in European countries should be forcibly repatriated to Soviet Russia (which in most cases would mean the “Gulag” and a good chance of not surviving.  The British Army was largely commandeered to this distasteful work and there as almost a mutiny.  In his book, Tolstoy accused senior members of the U.K government in 1945 (and were still alive in 1977) of being implicated.  There was a court case which he lost.  But 1,000,000 people were still sold into slavery by a democratic government.  This is the real stuff which makes ‘running dogs and boot lickers.  I do hope that were not about to follow suit and do the Kow Tow.

*  P.S.  The opinions expressed in Part II are not necessarily those of Messer’s Callick and Lennox

Friday, November 18, 2016

Reflections on George Orwell

 Sometime ago I chaired a talk on George Orwell and his significance in the year 2016.

 "Orwellian" is now part of our language and cultural hemisphere.

  In my vote of thanks I quoted the early 19th century Russian monk Pechorin in his letter to Alexander Herzen, the famous political emigre of those times. The letter reads:- "The material civilisation of the future will lead to a tyranny over the human spirit from which there will be no shelter anywhere".

 This is mentioned by the philosopher Nicholas (Nikolai) Berdyaev in his book "The Russian Idea" published in 1947. It elicited no response from our brilliant audience.

 It is wickedly ironical that the Russians who have always been the best European exponents of tyranny and who well and truly excelled themselves after 1917, have also produced some of the world's greatest champions of Liberty and and Conscience without fear. They have a hunger for the freedom which they have had so little of. When Solzhenitsyn's first novel "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" came out in 1962 people stood in long queues waiting to purchase the book. This is an unknown phenomena in our free and Liberal West. No bookshop would have that kind of patronage.

 Conversely the English speaking nations, which have always been the heartland of freedom and individuality are being strangled by an insidious form of political correctness which is seeping like swamp gas, into every arena where opinions and ideas are expressed.

 Education, the media, journalism, entertainment, government and even the churches.

 This is a procedure which the late George Orwell would have understood only too well. He predicted it's end product in the book "1984".

 This whole concept of totalitarian mind control has fascinated two generations of Western Intellectuals. They have been like the rabbit mesmerised by the snake, fascinated by their own impending doom.

 Perhaps it is now time to break the spell and cast the legions of politically correct leftism right our of public life and into oblivion. They thrive in Universities.

 Well, perhaps many under graduates would be bettered employed cleaning out toilets.

 David Duffy 14th. November 2016

Trump Triumphant

 The whole world is vibrating to the whole new ballgame of Trump Triumphant.  Does he deserve his triumph ?

 Probably not.

By all accounts he is deeply flawed in his whole character, but he is, with all his faults and despite them the candidate of forgotten America - those people whose lives and prospects have been shafted and devalued by the globalist agenda.

 The deplorables have had their revenge.  Hilary Clinton is history.

 Once upon a time middle America now wounded and bleeding was portrayed very vividly by a brilliant graphic artist named Norman Rockwell, who did front pages for the Saturday Evening Post.  This was back in the 40s and 50s when these people still had a future.

 So now they want their future back.  Is that surprising ?

 I am a fan of Trump;'s domestic policy being a Tory - a real one - not one of the Claytons-Cameron variety.

  His geo-political outlook worries me.  He is tending towards isolationism.  America has been the world's policeman since 1945.

 Our last bout of isolationism was way back in the 1930s, but in those days we still had the British Empire to cudgel the unruly.  From Pax-Britannica to Pax-Americana was a painless leap in an unforgiving world where one paramount power has always called the shots.

  Nature, and geo-politics for that matter have always abhorred a vacuum.

  I have no wish to live in world dominated by China and Russia whose unholy alliance might replace American hegemony.  These two countries have never cherished democracy or personal freedom.

 Besides I have a sentimental regard for the Anglosphere and opine only two decent things came out of World War II - the Anglo American alliance and Lili Marlene.

 No.  Trump needs and urgent injection of Reaganite geo-political stretch.

 David Duffy 14th November 2016

Thursday, November 17, 2011

David Shoebridge: We need a strong progressive vote in NSW

David Shoebridge MLC is one of the speakers at the 19th. forum "The Future of the Left" November 22nd 2011 Jubilee Room NSW Parliament House.